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Tent for winter fishing

Each subject of equipment of the fisherman is important. A tent in the winter – the key moment of equipment of the fisherman. for protection against rainfall, a frost, the wind is necessary a tent. Many producers offer tents, various on quality and the price which are specially intended for winter fishing.

Principles of selection of a winter tent

1. Stability of a tent is desirable, wind should not blow it.

Producers consider these requirements, but upon purchase of such important component it is necessary to consider cloth material: material is chosen rather dense, but not tight. The tightness of a cloth leads to a formation of condensate which then is frosted over. Inside carbon dioxide collects, the health worsens, the headache begins. It is desirable that the tent was with windows and window leaves valves.

A material of a tent has elasticity, flexibility. The reinforced cloth conforms to these requirements.

2. Seams of a tent cloth should not pass moisture, therefore, reliable producers well boil them and rubberize.

The tent costs on ice, but its bottom should not pass moisture, and, a durability of a bottom has to be maximum. Then we check the lock for an opening in a day of a tent for a hole, it is necessary that it was qualitative.

3. There is in the winter not enough light, therefore, the great value is attached to a coloring of a tent. it is necessary to choose a light tent (it is better than white or yellow color).

4. The important significance is attached to a resistance of a tent to wind loading. On some reservoirs, wind develops very big force. Fastenings of a tent to ice have essential value in ensuring the stability of this element of equipment of the fisherman.

Arches of a tent serve for a cloth tension, to them extensions for ensuring stability fix. Material for a production of arches – metal or plastic. Plastic at the price is more available, but it quickly breaks at big wind, does not maintain too big frosts.

Tent design

From a set of types of designs of a tent, we will allocate the main:

1. Automatic.
2. Frame construction.

The automatic tent which it is transformed in seconds will be suitable for active movement on ice more. Shortcomings: small resistance to wind loading. Construction features do not allow to get rid of this shortcoming.

The frame construction gives to a tent durability and stability, also she wins in the area. At the rare movement, such type is more preferable, but an installation of a tent takes more time.

Getting a tent, it is necessary to consider its compactness. Dimensions of such element of fishing equipment have to allow to accommodate it in transport and in a backpack. The put tent has to have an external fixture.

Considering the recommendations made in the article, it will be easy to choose a reliable and convenient tent.

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