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Romantic camping ideas

Maybe you are newlyweds, or you just became engaged and you both love the outdoors. Well, there are many romantic camping ideas that you can try out. However, since you are still in the ooh-aah stage, you will need to choose your camping destinations more carefully.
Carry camping gear that can be used in pairs, that is, double camping cot, double sleeping bag and even a double hammock if there is one. Nature will grow your love and it will bring you much closer since you will be on the lookout for each other.

Try some of the camping ideas that were already mentioned here like games, hikes and biking. Do anything that requires full participation of the both of you. Heck, you may even want to have your honeymoon on the trails, enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature together.

Do remember to bring some wine, though, candles, tablecloths and some good foodstuffs so that you have romantic dinners. These are just a few of the fun camping ideas you can try out romantically. The rest is up to your imagination

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