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Original gift for the fisherman – a pocket fishing rod

My friends sent an unexpected gift – the pocket fishing rod executed in the form of the handle. I am not a fisherman but something prompts to me that so unusual fishing rod can become an original gift for the real fisherman.

At first sight, this pocket fishing rod is very similar to a fountain pen, only very big. Its length makes only 20 cm. It will not take a lot of places even in a small marching bag. It can be taken with itself on any trip and to use every time when you appear in the interesting place. In my opinion, it is an excellent idea.

Give got acquainted with the fishing rod device closer. Despite its toy look, here all in an adult way. Under a cap the real telescopic fishing rod from the fiberglass differing in the small weight and high durability is hidden. In the opened state, the length of a fishing rod makes about a meter. It is difficult to me to speak in the affirmative, but judging by a bend, such fishing rod it is possible to catch a small fish weight under a kilogram, and maybe more.

The handle of a rod has a simple, but convenient form and the size, but the most interesting here, this fastening for the tiny coil.

It seems to me, it is a lot of scaffold on it not to reel up. But, I think, in it, there is no special need. This fishing rod is not intended for professional fishing. It’s a purpose of giving the chance to the fisherman to join favorite matter in conditions when there is no an opportunity to use the main tackles. And, seemingly, so the original fishing rod will cope with this task very well. I will present such pocket fishing rod to the friend understanding in fishing. It is sure that he will precisely be surprised to such gift.

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