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How to choose a winter tent

Before getting a winter tent, you have to imagine accurately for what and in what situations you will use it. Where you gather: in the wood, to mountains, or in glaciers, all this should be considered surely. Focus the attention on the reliability of materials and to a reliability of the tent. You do not pursue cheap options, but also for very expensive you should not overpay spare cash, also the low-quality product which does not answer all to the declared parameters can get.

If to raise a question how to choose a winter tent then, first of all, it is necessary to decide on the size and functionality. If you bring together the big company from four people or more, then you will suit a tent of tent type. Such tent both capacious and more reliable, than a tent as a lodge. The tent lodge has a big weight, the size and is very much inflated in windy weather because of vertical walls.

How to choose a winter tent, so that snow did not collect above? In order that there was the best heating, stability at especially strong wind, it is necessary to choose low tents. If you plan to use heating in a tent, then do not forget that in it there was an air vent. The external covering in the form of an awning has to cover completely a tent and to be waterproof. It concerns a tent bottom not in a smaller measure too, and its height has to be not less than ten centimeters from earth level. The entrance has to be equipped with the platform where you will put the things and cook food. Bypass the attention of a rack which has to be from the most qualitative material which combines both ease, and durability, and flexibility.

As it is correct to establish a winter tent. For a start try to make it at yourself near the house. Make sure that the awning is not warped, does not sag and to pull exactly and symmetrically. Miss the mark careful in the way all racks, seams by means of silicone impregnation. Thus, you will be able to reveal at once marriage if it is, and also, to be trained once again in an installation of a tent in extreme conditions of winter.

Ask for the seller surely a guarantee. It is the main point in safety and goodness of material.

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