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How to choose a camping tent

All skilled fans of extreme rest will tell you that the camping tent is the second house, the second apartment which it has to be mounted for some several minutes, even in the most severe conditions. It has to contain not only the people but also all their necessary things and products. How to choose a camping tent later not to regret about rest. The tent has to have big windows, anti-mosquito grids, and two exits, in principle, as well as many other tents. Unfortunately, weight a camping tent at least five kilograms that make its transfer on itself impossible therefore it is necessary to travel transport. But, such tent rather compact and easily finds room in a luggage carrier.

The modern market is rich in producers, the price. To pay attention, to how to choose a camping tent, it is necessary on the following. Of course, it is certificates of quality and a guarantee from the producer. Upon purchase do not forget to check the existence of the passport, instruction with technical characteristics, rules of leaving and operation. Pay attention to the quality of the passport, quality of the paper and the press.

You should not remind that a camping tent has to be waterproof, and the bottom of such tent has to be made only of very strong polietileny material which in the basis has to weave similar to a basket. Even on strong roughnesses and with a high pressure, a material should not become impregnated with moisture. As for seams, they are the most important and dangerous zone of a tent which over the years tends to wearability. For durability and durability of seams, producers process them special components, but also the price of such tent raises much more. The price of a tent is the price of your rest. By sight identical, a camping tent can differ many times at the price which depends on many factors. Do not save on quality at all, and your tent for a camping will serve to you for many years.

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