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Drilling of holes in ice

Fishing in the winter – occupation interesting and difficult. Only existence of some skills and necessary ammunition will help the fisherman to have a rich catch. If the fisherman is warmly dressed and equipped with all necessary fishing tackles, it is necessary to be able to drill correctly holes.

Holes can be drilled a drill ice axe, to cut with the axe or to hollow scrap. To use a drill – the most reasonable decision, but it is necessary to use it correctly too. When drilling holes it is necessary to monitor the emergence of water in a hole and not to pull out from it a drill. The gradual pulling off a drill will allow not to scare away fish, therefore, extend it by rotation in the opposite direction.

All subsequent holes drill by the same principle, previously having counted the quantity of rounds when drilling the first hole, doing them is couple rounds shorter. So the crumb formed when drilling is deleted from a hole in advance, before a formation of a full-fledged hole.

Technology of drilling of holes

For simplification of the process of drilling, it is possible to use the screw gun or a drill, having got a drill in one of the devices. So holes will be made quicker and without special work. Usually, holes drill round in a form, but for simplification, do a hole by means of an ice pick an oval form.

The newcomer to the fisherman needs to cut through about fifteen holes for successful fishing. Having powdered openings with snow, it will not be necessary to correct often them, so they freeze more slowly.

The distance between holes depends on the used tackles (3 – 10 meters).

Observance of security measures:

– it is not recommended to drill a new hole on the place old, the drill will jam;
– it is impossible to leave a drill in snow, so it will quickly become blunted, it is better to leave it twisted in ice.

The recommended tool for drilling

The screw drill is the most successful tool for drilling of openings. The crumb formed when drilling will independently get enough sleep, saving the fisherman from excess work.

The mechanized drill, with the electric or petrol motor, allows drilling holes quickly. Even at engine failure, it is possible to drill an opening manually.

The main insurance on ice – not to go fishing alone, it is always necessary to have the workmate who will come to the rescue in unexpected situations.

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