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DIY camping ideas

Find out whatever things you can make at home to reduce your expenses. Use the available resources to make camping easier and fun. DIY means that you will do it on your own without incurring any (or very little) extra cost.

Find out some camp game ideas that you can try out. For example, you could create your own games, and this should include games that you can play indoors and others for the outdoors. This is not a good time to think about computer and video games.
Try things like storytelling around the campfire. This is fun! Other simple games that you can try include the catch/dont catch game, competing to identify things and so on. There are so many fun games for the whole family to play. Indoor games include cards, storytelling and cracking jokes among many others.

DIY camping ideas that you can adopt

  • If you like your caffeine with you all the time then you can make bags of coffee out of coffee filters and dental floss (unused, of course). Just pour some in a filter then tie it tightly using the floss. Make several of them. This will be like the tea bags and again they are easy to pack and carry.
  • Cut small pieces of straw to carry toothpaste and ointments that you will need during your stay in the camp.
  • You will need your spices to add that extra flavor in your food, therefore carry them in tic-tac boxes and label them for easy identification. These are also small and take up a small space.
  • Cut your soap into pieces enough for a days bath so that you will not have to go through the hustle of searching for a big piece of soap in case it falls accidentally without you knowing.
  • For sanitation, you need to have hand stations. You can make dispensers from empty bottles of detergents at home.
  • You need light and to maximize this, you can point a head torch into a clear container of water to make a lantern. To make a DIY lantern you can paint the inside of a jar with a paint that is non-toxic and one that glows in the night.
  • You can use your belt to hang pans, pots and other cooking utensils that need to be hanged.
  • You need a duct tape but because there is only little space and you have to maximize it to enable you to carry light then you can roll it up on say a ball pen. Just make sure to carry enough it comes in handy.
  • To ensure that your cooler keeps the food stuff fresh for a long period, you should freeze water in gallons and then place them in the cooler and do not drain the water even if the ice melts.
  • Instead of carrying the whole first aid kit, you can make a smaller one by packing those things in the prescription cans.
  • Make fire starters using cotton swabs dipped in wax.
  • You can also carry a portable toilet. All you need is a toilet seat, bucket and a milk crate. You do not necessarily have to buy one, but make sure you have the right toilet chemicals.
  • If you do not want to hand-wash your clothes, you can make a portable washing machine, you just mix the detergent and water in a bucket, then cut the top of the lid and place a plunger there.
  • You need to have you toilet paper dry at all times. Therefore, you can use coffee cans to hold and store the rolls.

Things that every camping enthusiast should know

Camping is not all about the food, drinks and games. It is a great learning experience for the whole family, and there are so many things good camping ideas and lessons to learn. For example, make sure that you know all the poisonous plants and animals that you can come across as you hike and how you can treat them, such as poison ivy. This will help you avoid fatalities as you camp.

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