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Are Beach Cruisers Good Bikes?

A lot of questions come to mind when you buy a bike especially a type of bike that you have never really tested before. We all know cruiser bikes are not as popular as the mountain or BMX bikes. Those who can’t make up their mind on beach cruisers usually just settle for hybrid bikes. Unfortunately, in doing so they ...

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Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review

Schwinn Fairbrook 700C is one of the more expensive Schwinn bicycles for women. This is a model that looks delicate, but it’s made of steel and is well enduring. Most will find it to be more suitable to fully grown women than to girls. Even more so, it is a better choice for tall women than for short ones. Surely ...

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Firmstrong Bella Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

Firmstrong Bella Classic

Firmstrong Bella Classic Beach Cruiser is an ideal and aesthetically appealing cruiser bike for a comfortable ride in style. It has all the necessary elements such as rear and front fenders, colored wheels as well as flower decals to add to the cuteness factor. The Bella is available in different colors as well as speed options. However, one thing common ...

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SixThreeZero In The Barrel Review – Best Beach Cruiser

SixThreeZero In The Barrel

Experience this Best Beach Cruiser Bike. SixThreeZero In the Barrel is the perfect cruiser for all kinds of surfaces. It can roll along comfortably on paved roads and hard dirt, the kind of surface that you find along good scenic beaches. However, you should be warned that for off road and soft dirt surfaces, this bike may suffer. So choose ...

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Best Cruiser Bikes 2016 | Top Rated Beach Cruisers

What are the Best Cruiser Bikes of 2016? Beach cruiser bikes come in many different shapes, size, colors, brands and styles. With so many options in the market, you are bound to find that caters exactly to your needs. Cruiser bikes are single-handedly the most comfortable bikes to ride on. If mountain bikes are the Lamborghinis of the bike world, ...

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Right Bike Size for Kids – Guide

Case 1: Size Based on Age and Height (Conventional Method) A properly fitting bike allows a comfortable and safe sitting position for children as well as teenagers. The size of a child’s bike is usually based on the wheel diameter. In adults, this is based on the frame size or seat tube length. Proper bike fit allows the muscles can ...

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Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Review

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Urban Laby beach cruiser is the zenith of cruiser bikes for women. It combines the most sought after elements of comfort, affordability and style. Rarely will find beach cruisers out there that can come close to the value this one offers. So, if you are looking for a comfortable bike that would turn heads as you ride along the beach ...

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How to Assemble your Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers offer a perfect bike for those who want to relax and run along a number of things while pedaling along. Strap your tower or a shopping bag to the rack on the back. Go for a smooth cruise, With frame size ranging differently from the manufacturers, the following step will ensure the perfect beach cruiser build. Instructions: Put ...

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Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s 7 speed Cruiser Bike Review

Functionality and Features Schwinn Fairhaven is one special piece in the cruiser bikes category for women. It may have a retro appeal, but it’s packed with modern features that make installation and riding truly easy. The premier advantage is its low cost – especially with certain vendors. However, what grabs the attention firstly is the color scheme. This is a ...

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